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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Thank You One of the many, many blessings I receive from being your pastor is to be able to be included in your various rites of passage.  For example, I have been blessed to be present at births; preside at Holy Baptisms and First Communions; teach our young ones confirmation; plan and preside at weddings; and also be present at someone's passing from this life to the next.  Each of these moments are special and unique - with an occasional surprise as well. I have one such moment recently.

Early in August, before going on vacation, I was asked to have a first communion class with Van and John.  these two brothers arrived ready and eager to learn about Holy communion as well as ask some other great questions about God.

I asked them both if they knew "what is a Sacrament?" - Van thought about this for a moment and replied, "Is that the opposite of a sacrifice?"  Hmmm.  I was stumped for a second and had to think about his question for a moment.  I was going to share our definition of a sacrament being: 1) A means of God's grace; 2) Commanded by Christ; and 3) Having a tangible substance about it.

Is a Sacrament the opposite of a sacrifice?

Yes, I eventually replied.  By definition, a sacrifice is something that we give up for the behalf of someone else (i.e. I give up something for God) for nothing in exchange.  So the opposite would be for someone else to give up something on behalf of us again for nothing (i.e. God sacrificing or giving something for us for nothing).  That by definition is grace - an unearned, undeserved and unmerited favor from God.

What another wonderful and fresh way of looking at the sacraments!  That is how I am blessed.  You help me to see other facets of God's love for us in surprising ways!

With Christ’s Love,

Pastor Laura