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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

   As we journey from Thanksgiving to our Christmas celebration, I find myself being truly grateful for you --- my church family. We are made up of many, many individuals who give so generously of our time, our talents and our resources. Both young and old give. Those of us who have been with us for years and those for only what seems a short while give. I am deeply and truly thankful and amazed at what seems to be our endless generosity.

   In September, we began a new narrative lectionary year, which began with a theme of "Blessed to be a Blessing" from Genesis 12:2. You continually prove to me and others, how this theme resonates to the core within us. Someone passes away, there is a known financial need, or tragedy strikes and immediately people begin to ask, "What can I do to help?"

   We now begin the church season of Advent. A time of preparation and waiting to celebrate once again the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  At Christmas, we celebrate the greatest possible gift that we could ever have wished to receive.  Got was born - in human flesh and blood, in a lowly stable, to common parents, in an unimportant town.  God!  A gift of God's self to the world.  A living and breathing gift to teach us how to live as God's people in the world.

At a time when most of the world seems to celebrate this gift by gifting others, I wish to celebrate by expressing my thanks for all of you. Thanks for taking this precious gift to heart. Thanks for sharing with others out of the abundance God has provided us with. Thanks for blessing others and myself as we too have been blessed.  Thanks!

I give my thanks and our congregation's thanks to each of you.  I also give a special thanks to those special individuals who give again and again, rain or shine,, so our doors remain open, so we can gather for worship, so all the day to day activities happen. Thank you! We all know who you are and truly appreciate your help.

With Christ's love,

Pastor Laura