May Outreach

Continued Collection for Military Missions

We need your help collecting items to include in the packages Military Missions sends to military personnel serving abroad.  We'll take these items with us when we go to MM site in June (date TBD) to pack summer boxes.

Here are some popular items:

Gift items -- small puzzle/crossword/sodoku books;  small paperback books; hacky sacks, small nerf balls

Drink items -- powdered drink mixes for bottled water (Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, etc)

Snack Items  (sm pkg or individual servings) -- wrapped hard candy, cookies, crackers, trail mix, slim jim, beef jerky, twizzlers, chewing gum, snack bars

Personal care -- baby wipes (no tubs), nasal saline spray, eye drops, pocket size tissues, travel-size shampoo, lotion, hand sanitizer (alcohol-free)

As always, thanks for your generosity.


2185 Garden Springs Dr.  Lexington, Ky. 40504 (859) 277-6096

If you have additional information you wish to be posted on this page please contact Candy Simms, Outreach Chairperson

Gethsemane Lutheran Church