As a new calendar year begins, we are reminded that 1 in 5 kids in Fayette County are still food insecure -- that means their families simply don't have enough for three meals a day. During the school year, we work with the GSE Family Resource Coordinator, Haley Bumgardner, to provide food bags to 36 needy kids from us. Each bag includes milk, fruit, veggies, protein, and grains, much of which we are able to purchase at a huge discount from God's Pantry. We also try to include an extra snack or two as well as something for the family to enjoy (cake or muffin mix, family meal helper, etc.) we coordinate with another group using the same menus to provide an additional 36 food bags each week: totaling 72 kids in our neighboring school that rely on this program.

Outreach for January will once again focus on securing both funds and items to supply needed items.

If you'd like to donate money, please make your check payable to Gethsemane and mark for Outreach -- Food Bags. These funds allow us to purchase items from God's Pantry and elsewhere.

If you prefer, we can always use items not usually available at God's Pantry:

Food/Snack Items Needed ( nothing that requires refrigeration):

Cereal/Protein/Granola Bar,  5 oz cans chicken or tuna (water - packed)

Raisin boxes (1.5oz boxes), Pretzels or chips (individual bags)

Our sincerest thanks for your help in keeping this program running!

Lisa Janecek


2185 Garden Springs Dr. Lexington, KY 40504