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Notes for 

​Dear Friends,

In these strange and difficult times, I don't have much to tell you about the music at Gethsemane, except that I hope that, if you are able to provide special music during our livestream services, you will let me know.  If you wish to play or sing a special prelude or postlude or help sing the limited liturgy, please contact me at kemape78@gmail.com.

I have a new phone that can do so many more things than my old phone could do.  If you would like me to send you a video of some special sacred music on the piano, I would be happy to do that. When my grandmother was homebound, I sent her videos of her favorite hymn arrangements.  Since we are all basically homebound right now, I thought that might be something that I could offer to you.

We have received some Easter music phone video submissions so we can still make this Easter full of music, as we usually do.  It will be a different Easter this year, for sure, but the good news of the resurrection remains the same.

In any case, please know that I am praying daily for all of you, all of us.  Please let me know if there's any way that I can help

God’s Peace,

Kelly Peterson 


Send in Photos to Help Us Connect

One hard part about online church is not getting to see each other.  We'd like to change that.  Send Meghan Knapp a photo of what you have been doing in isolation, or maybe holding a "Happy Easter" sign so we can all see your smiling face.  Photos can be sent to
meghanzknapp@gmail.com or if you are on facebook and have a photo there that you like, tag Meghan in the comments. 

** Please send ASAP so we have time to compile them—by Palm Sunday if possible, by Tuesday April 7th at the latest.  **

Thank you!