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​Worship in a Virtual World
Updates from Our Worship & Music Committee

Hi Everyone.  I pray that each and every one of you is finding a way to enjoy the sunshine and some of the beauty of the flowering trees, even if it is only through videos, YouTube or looking through old photographs and scrapbooks.  If you have had difficulty participating in the virtual services, please let me know—or Pastor Laura or someone from church—so that we can help meet your needs.  The challenges of shifting to virtual worship services have been many.  Many, many thanks to Jeff Forsyth for his willingness, patience, and commitment—in learning and using a new computer, and attempting to merge it with an outdated sound system to improve our services. Apologies to Meghan, Sammy, and Charlotte Knapp for the failure of transmission of sound on Easter and April 19th. If you would like to hear their songs, they have been correctly added to the recordings for our Virtual Services found on YouTube for April 12th and April 19th.

I also want to thank all those who sent in pictures for the Easter service—images of how they are coping and taking advantage of time with children, dealing with boredom, and being with loved ones. It was wonderful seeing your faces.  It certainly helped my sense of connection to my church community and eased some of the isolation that “stay at home” mandates can bring.  With that said I am making another call for photos TO CELEBRATE MOTHER’S DAY.  Please see page 7 of the Guidepost for details.

Listening to Laura Piasecki, David Williams, Mario Felice and the Knapp women sing, the Peterson’s play their instruments, as well as the guitars, flute, clarinet, oboe, brass, and drums in the services  has really added a great deal to the otherwise quietness of the church sanctuary as it appears on Sunday morning.  One of the ways I have raised my spirits, renewed joy and nourished my soul has been through listening to music of hymns done by individuals and church groups on YouTube. 

If you have suggestions or can lend your voice or instruments to our services please let me or Kelly Peterson know. 

Penny Zimmerman,   Worship and Music Chair  



Thank you to all who have been music assistants during the online worship services!  I hesitate to name all of you, for fear of unintentionally leaving someone off the list.  I also want to thank the people behind the scenes—working the camera, the sound, etc.  We would not have been able to include so many musicians on Easter Sunday without the technology and know-how, so many thanks.

If you are interested in singing the limited liturgy during Sunday services (and also singing or playing a prelude, if comfortable doing so), please contact me directly, and I will get you on the schedule.  Thank you!

We are currently talking about the possibility of having an online BLESS service in May.  Stay tuned to the mid-week E-Post announcements for further info.  We have to figure out how the technology would work in order for that idea to become reality. 

I miss all of you so much and pray you are healthy and doing well.  If you need me for anything, please reach out.  I am happy to deliver, musically or otherwise.

God’s Peace,

Kelly Peterson