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Adult Choir

The adult choir rehearses Thursdays at 7:00 p.m.  They sing almost every Sunday morning, and we are so appreciative of all their hard work! Please join us in making joyful noise to the Lord! 

Please contact our Choir Director, Rock Janecek, with any questions! 





Summer Music Time

Once again the choir is taking some time off for the summer.  There are many of you with special talents; singing, dancing, reading, etc. that could fill in for them.  Please consider sharing your talents with our congregation!

There will be a sign up sheet in the Narthex. 

Please contact Kelly Peterson with any questions, ideas, or if you’d like an accompanist.

The choral year has ended at GLC and I wanted to thank the congregation and the choir for being flexible, and the choir specifically for their dedication and persistence. I am looking forward to planning the next choral season (and the party thereafter!). As our season ends and Sundays become filled with special music, please prayerfully consider joining the choir when it resumes in the fall. We are especially in need of male voices, but all are welcome. For those of you who believe that singing is outside the scope of your abilities, please remember that nobody can do anything until they learn how, and being part of a choir is a great place to learn how to sing. I am dedicated to running positive and encouraging rehearsals in a way that helps singers develop their abilities. Again: please prayerfully consider joining the choir. We would love to have you as part of the ensemble.



Laura Piasecki gathers students around the piano in the Nursery at 11:40am and leads them in choir practice for their performances on the third Sunday of each month.  They practice for 20 minutes.

The Grace Notes and Adult Choir will be taking a break during the summer, but please watch for dates and more information about choir retreats in the late summer!  I want to extend a big thank you to the choir directors, Rock Janacek and Laura Piasecki, and the adult choir accompanist, Candy Simms.  We appreciate all you do! 

BLESS - There will be an outdoor BLESS service on Sunday, June 10 at 6:00 p.m. There will also be a picnic meal afterward.  We hope you can join us!

In Christ,

Kelly Peterson