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Advent was established in the 6th century originally as a time to reflect on Christmas and for new Christians to prepare for baptism.  It was to be a time of retrospection and growth.  “The coming” as Advent literally means, referred to the coming of the baby at Christmas, the coming of Jesus into our hearts, and the future coming of Christ at the end times.  In the coming weeks we will highlight some of the advent and Christmas traditions and the history (or legends) that originated them.

The Prayer Chain is a group of volunteers who have promised to pray for others when requested. The prayer chain respects everyone's preference for privacy. To request prayers, contact Barbara Herbener at blherbener@gmail.com, the church office at gethluth@windstream.net or PastorLauraA@hotmail.com 

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Modern Advent Traditions
The holiday season can be joyous and hopeful, but also stressful and exhausting.  New traditions are constantly arising to help us (or our kids) look beyond the sugar and presents to more important things.  Perhaps you have heard of the “Elf on the Shelf.”  The story, first published in 2005 is about elves who keep an eye on children for Santa and report back to him for Christmas Eve.  The book is now sold with a toy elf that families can display to remind their children to be good under its watchful eye. Another modern tradition connects a little closer to Christmas.  At the beginning of advent, the nativity scene is put on display, but without the baby Jesus.  Each day family members prepare the manger for Jesus by placing a piece of hay in the manger for a good deed done.  The goal is to have a thick soft bed for the baby by Christmas Eve. In some families the advent calendar is not filled with candy.  Instead there is a small “Children’s Christmas Tree” and the boxes on the advent calendar have an ornament for each child to place on the tree.  They watch the tree become fully decorated as Christmas approaches and on Christmas they open the last door to find ornaments of the baby Jesus.

Throughout December you will find tidbits about Advent and Christmas Traditions in the Sunday bulletin and the Midweek email.

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