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Congregational Life

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​​Stewards Corner

The Prayer Chain is a group of volunteers who have promised to pray for others when requested. The prayer chain respects everyone's preference for privacy. To request prayers, contact Barbara Herbener at blherbener@gmail.com, the church office at gethluth1@gmail.com or PastorLauraA@hotmail.com 

There is also a Prayer Box located in the Narthex.


Give up complaining                      Focus on Gratitude
Give up pessimism                        Become an Optimist
Give up worry                                 Try Divine Providence
Give up bitterness                         Turn to Forgiveness
Give up hatred                                Return Good for evil
Give up negativism                        Be Positive
Give up anger                                 Be more Patient
Give up pettiness                           Become Mature
Give up gloom                                Enjoy the Beauty around you
Give up jealousy                             Pray for more Trust
Give up gossiping                          Control your Tongue
Give up sin                                      Turn to Virtue
Give up giving up                           Hang in there!