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2019 GLC Pictorial Directory

On May 5th. and 19th. during fellowship and Sunday School time, Brian Volland will be available to take your photo for our new directory. If you choose to submit an alternate photo, please send the digital to with " 2019 photo for directory" in the subject line. Please include your full names and contact information.

Lesley & Ben Rogers

Don & Kay Blevins


   Bishop Gjafken began his March 7th. e-mail Lenten message with an excerpt about daily conversion from Bo Giertz’s, “The Hammer of God:  A novel about the cure of souls.”  It is a recommended read, and will soon be available in the GLC library.

   Leland Ryken, Professor Emeritus of English at Wheaton College entitled his 2015 review of the same book “The Best Christian Novel You’ve Never Heard Of.”    The following is taken from Ryken’s review.

Contours of the Book
   Set in Sweden, the book is a trilogy of novellas that tell the story of three young Lutheran ministers who arrive in the same rural parish in widely separated eras (loosely 1808–1810, 1878–1880, 1937–1940). Each is fresh from theological training and is decidedly immature. Giertz portrays two of the three as being nominally rather than genuinely Christian and they are converted during their tenure as pastor. The conversion narrative is combined with the coming-of-age motif, as all three young pastors attain spiritual maturity through encounters with parishioners and fellow pastors.

   Swedish religious crosscurrents are incorporated into the three stories including: theological modernism or liberalism; Pentecostalism; zealous pietism; secularism; dead orthodoxy; legalism and revivalism. Giertz is critical of all these movements, with the partial exception of pietism.

Christian Classic
   It’s Christian by virtue of its content and a classic because of technique. Although clergymen are the stories’ protagonists, the parishioners are as important to the book as the ministers.  In the opening episode, an unconverted young pastor does not know what to say to a dying man in need of assurance, while a common woman does.

   The reader is taken inside the experiences that make up the bedrock of the Christian faith from the angle of historic Lutheranism.  Part of the value of the book is the clarity with which it portrays great Lutheran truths.

Pam Anderson,
Chair, Congregational Life Committee











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