October B.L.E.S.S.



October 11th 


6:00 p.m.

                What is B.L.E.S.S. ?



Be Loved Every Second Sunday.

Summer of 2016,  a group sang together with  guitars, electric keyboard, and drums. Evolving into a worship service that would be simple, uplifting, and comfortable, we invited anyone from our community to enjoy the music, the message, and fellowship. This ministry is stated simply as to “Be Loved.” The BLESS team of musicians, worship leaders, technical workers, and regular attendees have become a special ministry of “Jesus with us” and the word that best describes each BLESS is JOY. 

Every month, the BLESS band provides songs to inspire, comfort, and encourage. A reflection is offered which expresses our personal experience of God in our daily life. We pray for each other, for our church, for those in need, for our community, for our country, for leaders, for families, for everyone and everything in our world. We share the Lord’s supper, Holy Communion, and offer a special BLESSing for those who do not adhere to this tradition as a way of inclusion, all in celebration of our unity through love of one another.  We finish with a community supper where we enjoy good food and friendships. 

In the summer, we move BLESS outside, when we are able, which is another beautiful experience of witnessing to our faith. People from the neighborhood walk by smiling, waving, and have stopped to eat with us after the service. Our little BLESS family serves as a witness to the world that there is HOPE.

BLESS is truly a gift to our church. It has been a source of renewal each month and a place to be strengthened by the testimony of other’s experience of God in their lives. We invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to share in this experience of renewal and positive energy. Every gathering, after we sing our final song, and thank God for our time together, we declare as one voice,

“We are BLESSED.”  


     Starting in October , BLESS 

      will return to Indoor Worship.

*******All necessary precautionary preparations have been made to ensure        a safe worship environment. *******

        Masks Required, Sanitizer Stations,           Physical Distancing Seating Arranged. 

Come share in the joy of love and hope.